March 4, 2011

Friday Feature - Things I love to look at

1. Belafonte beautiful photographs

2. Harriot Grace- beautiful and tempting

3. DS Reps Promo-large photo sleeve, large photos, simple clean design

4. Yan Photography- ballet inspired wedding photos, so simple and gorgeous

5. Story Hotels Web Design- unique, interesting and surprisingly easy to navigate

6. New Zealand - I have been dreaming of hopping on a plane and getting my self to this beautiful place for a while now.


Erin Davenport said...

I love the ballet inspired wedding photos :) And NZ--yeeesss.

Klissa said...

Ahhhhh, much better! I can enjoy my weekend now!

californiacheryl said...

Things I love to look at?
Your blog!
Your are so amazing & so creative!
Love you

Arica said...

i'm with cheryl..
also, that dolphin photograph speaks to me. it makes me feel good! helps that i'm secretly a mermaid so they're practically my kin. haha.