March 3, 2011

In the mood for...

I haven't been in the mood for blogging lately. It seems as though I have to force myself to even sit at my computer these days. However, if I tell myself to make a little collage of things I like right now I could sit here for hours. There is just something so therapeutic about collecting little pictures that excite you and then organizing them onto a page. WHY???
Things I AM in the mood for:
1. Richard Prince: (Untitled) Cowboy something about the color and content makes my heart sing!
2. High Waisted Bell Bottoms I have been wearing the same thing everyday lately. It's either high waisted bell bottoms with a cropped shirt or a bright skirt with ankle boots.
3. Well Designed Lyrics take a great song and make it look awesome! yes please!
4. Sahara Boots the finishing touch on my daily uniform.
5. Earthenware Mug anything that looks hand thrown speaks to me about my carefree days as a pottery student (life went something like: play with clay, go to beach, take a nap, play with more clay).
6. Brightly Printed Skirt: I may or may not have slept in this last night and then wore it to work today.
7. This guy. Nuff said.
8. Molten Bittersweet Chocolate Cake: I am obsessed with this dessert. Conor made it for our quarterly bake off and conquered the evening. It is surprisingly easy to make too!


Cassandra Marie said...

I know exactly what you mean! I could sit and create etsy treasuries for hours...same with polyvore collections!

Klissa said...

but when you don't blog-I feel uneasy and incomplete. I always check and sometimes I check more than once a day! Don't let me down sista!!

HEARBLACK. said...

cool film strip