March 25, 2011

In the mood for... Happy Prince Kuhio Day!

Lately I have been in the mood for:
1. Tacos at the Taco Truck! Yes please! (Image from Urban Outfitter's Spring Catalogue)
2. Fleetwood Mac, all day every day.
3. Michael Cera - Conor and I can't get enough of him. Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, Arrested Development, Juno...he is an awkward comedic genius.
4. Jonathan Canlas' film pictures of the Hoover Damn. Makes me think of the time my friend cut my pony tail off with a pocket knife and threw it off the side into the water below as we drove over... one crazy night.
5. Prince Kuhio - He is the reason for the season after all. We have a three day weekend in honor of his highness. I have been in the mood for this day for a long time.
6. Porcelain Anything. But mostly this porcelain Mason Jar with a candle in it. I think it would make anything look more romantic.
7. Cashew Nut Chicken - I have been craving cashew nut chicken almost daily. There is a great thai food place up the road we are going to later tonight that serves it with coconut rice! So good.


janis said...

i just recently got into arrested development - ahh! so hilarious! and michael cera is just so little!

Paige Bischoff said...

wish i could enjoy the day with you two!

californiacheryl said...

We'll have to go to the thai place when we come to visit in May - yum!

Amanda Tippetts said...

I think we should celebrate his highness over the continental US too. Especially if we can do it with your style...

T.S. said...

Fleetwood Mac - I love. The only song where the word peculiarly seems absolutely perfect.

"Something's happening
Happening to me
My friends say
I'm acting peculiarly"

Ashley said...

If you like Michael Cera you should watch Paper Heart on Netflix. Funny, awkward, and adorable.

Ashley said...

prince kuhio day champion is a title i will always have

Jones said...

I ADORE Michael Cera. SuperBad may be my favorite movie ever made (I just don't admit out loud much). Keep up the great blog! Chic Rooms