August 24, 2011

Home Again

12I'm back on that island. The one I sometimes call home. With that guy that I sometimes call my husband. I didn't realize how much I missed him until I saw him standing at the bottom of the escalator waiting for me at the airport. I burst into tears and couldn't help but run to him and throw my arms around his neck (I was shocked at my own theatrics but I am pregnant after all).

It is always nice to go away and come back again. Especially when it is between the two places you find yourself the most at home... I couldn't really tell which way was coming and which way was going. I will miss Portland, and my cute parents and my sister's crazy funny family. I have so many wonderful memories there. And I can add some new ones to the mix - like my parents making me laugh so hard I cried/couldn't breath/had to pee all at the same time and my dad's face as he practically scooped me up and carried me to the bathroom because he could not have handled it if I peed on the couch.

But, then there's always Hawaii and this guy I've been living with for the past year. We have made a new little home here together and we can't wait to add a third party to the mix. I think it's going to be fantastic.

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Kylie said...

ahhh . i love family and i love home. no matter where it is.