August 19, 2011

Portland Things

portlandcollection3portlandcollection2portlandcollectionThe Portland Collection
A friend that I used to work with at Anthropologie recently designed the new Portland Collection for Pendeleton Woolen Mills. It will be sold in Anthropologie and other boutique stores in the Portland area. I think she is awesome and I think the work her and her two partners put into this collection is awesome! Wish I could have every piece.saltandstrawSalt and Straw
While shopping on NE Alberta St. I stumbled upon a brand new ice cream shop. New to me and completely new to Portland. They have unique flavors and the shop itself is adorable. My mom bee lined it straight to the counter and ordered "the bacon"... She is hilarious that way - she even owns bacon flavored floss (ugh!). The owner of the place was so friendly and so excited that I was having a baby. She did however question my decision to sew a quilt for the little chick nug. (Hey lady, you stick to ice cream and let me do what I do). Which brings me to my next beauty...
Also on NE Alberta St. there is a wonderful little fabric store that has the cutest crap you can imagine! I immediately fell in love with this Birch Storyboek collection and couldn't leave the store with out it. Tugwell is getting a quilt which I worked on all last night while watching Project Runway. I love it so much I will probably finish it before the weekend ends!
tasty n sonstasty n sonstasty n sons
And last but not least: a new restaurant to try. I guess it is all the rage right now in Portland. I have been wanting to eat breakfast out with the parents while I'm home but we haven't been able to decide on a place. Portland is so full of awesome places to eat. I think I will try to persuade them to Tasty N Sons. It sounds amazing.


carissa said...

makes me want to visit portland. even more than i already did?

Conor Riley said...

That's it. We're moving there ASAP!

wer said...

I can't wait to see your quilt!

another feather said...

So many great things! Those pendeleton numbers are great, and the food from Tasty N Sons looks incredible. I need to visit soon. I just saw on Anderson Cooper today that Portland got rated the top promiscuous city in the country this year..does that even make sense??