August 8, 2011

Our Weekending

sunnyconoreatingbikesThis weekend was beautiful. We spent the day collecting driftwood at the beach for our shop. We swam a bit and my skin got a little crisp in the sun. We decided to pack up some of our favorite food and some sparkling cider and ride our bikes to a field near a stream and have a picnic. It was so nice to get away from everything and just spend the evening as just the two of us. We talked about how soon there will be another little person tagging along everywhere we go. We both wished he was already here.

P.S. Parenthood is making us soft. We watched 9 Months as we lay in bed falling asleep the other night. It stars Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore and is a completely ridiculous comedy, but during the end scene where she actually has the baby we were in tears. We were so happy for them. Yes, Robin Williams is the doctor, Joan Cusack is going nuts, and Tom Arnold is being a complete idiot throughout the whole thing but it some how still made us cry. Yes, BOTH of us.


Kylie said...

weekends in hawaii are always the best.

californiacheryl said...

.......and the honeymoon continues!
enjoy it while you can.

Lindsay R said...

beautiful pictures. looks like a very relaxing weekend. and congrats on the baby on the way! the little person coming is going to be so much fun. you guys will love it.
glad to see you three are doing well.

mmelledge said...

What a cute set of bike!!

Miss you guys tons!!