September 26, 2011

Dinner Date

dinner1dinner2dinner5Friday night Conor took me on a date. We picked up our favorite Thai food and ate it on the beach. We ate dinner pretty early (I can't wait till 6 like a normal person) so we were home and done with our date by 6:30. At that point I washed my faced, brushed my teeth and got in bed. Yes, 6:30 on a Friday night. And I don't even care.
On a more adventurous note - we did go out Saturday night with friends to see the new movie Contagion. Conor and I have a little obsession with the Center for Disease Control and curing the world of epidemics (see board game in this post here). Saving the world from terrible viruses is our favorite past time. Yeah, we are big nerds. We were so excited about this movie and were even tempted to go dressed as a medic and a scientist. However, we did go in normal clothes... and about halfway through the movie Conor leaned over to me and whispered, "I either have a sock or a dryer sheet down my pants.... (reached deep into his pants, struggled for a moment)... no, it's UNDERWEAR!" and the underwear went quickly into my purse with all of my snacks. Lovely. Hope you had a lovely weekend too!


janis said...

Ha! I like people with quirky interests. Curing the world from terrible viruses definitely ranks up there ;)

Did you see this video about the bacteria filled Contagion billboard? It might srike your fancy!

amanda jane said...

I just read your dryer story to cree...we had a good giggle. :) you have the cutest tummy.

Jen and Greg Steele said...

HAHAHA! Conor finding his underwear was my favorite part of the movie!