January 3, 2012

2 Cent Tuesday #5: Set Goals (New Years Resolutions)

No one gets anywhere in life (you can read also business, romance, relationships, etc.) without making a plan and setting some goals. Last year (2011) my friend Katie and I made a bagua map to start our year out. You start by dividing a square into 9 parts and then according to the categories in the bagua map set goals for the new year. Last year I didn't feel like sharing my goals as a lot of them were more personal. This year I feel like being a little less cryptic and sharing a goal or two with you. Each link is the images' source followed by my goal. (Note - I didn't really follow the map very well, I set my goals first and then made a map around that). You too can make a map for your new year, or your business, or your marriage and display it prominently where it can serve as a visual reminder to you throughout the year. I chose to display mine on my desktop so I can constantly remember to stay on task and what my real priorities are.
1. Spiritual - Read more. Read for fun, but also read scripture. Specifically read scriptures as a family.
2. Work - Continue to develop web site and share more projects on design site. This one is hard because it is so important to keep your design portfolio current but it is so hard to find the time! I have quite a few projects that I have completed but just haven't formatted for my design site.
3. Motherhood - Get baby on a sleep schedule. Before Henry came into the world I swore I wouldn't be one of those moms with a rigid schedule. I owned the book Baby Wise but didn't think twice about reading it. Now, I see how important it is for my sanity and for baby's good health that I get him on a good schedule. I have since read Baby Wise and have started Henry on a routine (I don't do the whole cry yourself to sleep thing though - that might work for some people but it hurts my ears and my heart). Anyway, so far it is working out GREAT!
4. Health - Eat better. Stop having a Chocolate Oreo shake before bed every night. Lose my baby weight and get back to where I was before I got pregnant. Work out. (I think I could make a whole map revolving around this one goal)
5. Marriage - Something about this image makes me want to run to Conor and hold him forever. I want to be more supportive. I think I'm pretty supportive but sometimes when things don't go according to "the plan" I get a little stressed out and shut down. I need to roll with the punches a bit better. Also, when Conor gets home everyday I want to stop what I am doing, look at him, say hello! and kiss him on the mouth. No more of this staring straight at the computer like a zombie and saying, "heeeyyy...."
6. Creative - Think longer and harder on my design work. Streamline designs and make them more cohesive. Don't worry if you don't know what I'm talking about here. I don't really know what I'm talking about. Basically, make my work better than it ever has been before. Don't settle for good.
7. Worry Less - worry less, worry less, worry less. I need to worry less.
8. Family - Have family night every Monday. Plan a simple activity to do with husband and baby. Turn everything and everyone else off and enjoy the two people I love the most.
9. Start Business - I am going to stay a bit vague on this one. I think I have a pretty good idea and I really want to develop it into something bigger but I'm not ready to share just yet. Hopefully someday soon!


californiacheryl said...

You're going to have a GREAT year! You've got some wonderful ideas. You are doing such a great job at being a new mommy! I miss holding little Henry & can't wait to see you all next month.

SARAH said...

These are inspiring goals. A weekly family night sounds like an especially exciting but practical thing to do. Here's to accomplishing all this and more!