February 19, 2010

First Time For Everything

First time wearing a wet-suit.
I really didn't think I would like it. 
I've just never had to before. 
I made Conor document first time.
I was impressed by how warm I stayed, 
that is until my head went under
 a few too many times and I got brain freeze. 
I hate being cold. 
If I never saw snow again I don't think I would be too sad.
I love sun.
I love warm.
I love wet-suit.


Annie said...

the top picture kinda looks like edward scissorhands- i mean the pale (overexposed) skin and the dark (wet) hair.

Erin Jane said...

oh you have no idea how flattered i am by that. i always thought johnny looked so pretty in that movie!

Ashley said...

i think there was another first time that happened this day...

Brit said...
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Brit said...

I accidentally deleted my comment... I was just saying you were at Tourmaline, which is like 1 mile from where I live. Real cool, Erin (even though you didn't know). =)